Holy Land Tour 2019  with Pastor Mark

We're returning to the Holy Land in 2019, and invite you as part of the Desert Spring Church family to come along December 1-10, 2019.

Contact the church office for a 2019 tour flyer, including daily itinerary, along with registration form. A deposit of $350 ensures your spot along with us - we need to limit this trip to the first 50 travelers! Pictured is our tour group from 2017, standing on the Mount of Olives outside Jerusalem.

We will travel to so many Biblical sites where Jesus ministered and performed the miraculous. Cheri and I love the Sea of Galilee, where we will be taking an extended cruise together, worshiping the Lord and enjoying the beauty that made this a favorite place of our Savior.

There's nothing like the Holy Land, as the stories and life experiences of our Lord come alive! It's almost like stepping into a time machine or walking right into the pages of your Bible. We invite you to come and see!

We will meet on Sunday morning, December 1, in the church parking lot where we will enjoy a private motor coach ride to LAX, boarding El Al Airlines on our non-stop flight to Tel Aviv, Israel. Once arriving and clearing customs, we head to Joppa, where Jonah went to flee from the presence of the Lord, and Peter experienced his heavenly vision. It's the first of so many special places we will enjoy together!

A personal favorite is praying at the Western Wall. There's something profoundly moving about standing in the City of God, at the ancient wall of Jerusalem, publicly spending time alone with the Lord in prayer. This is the most well-known outdoor place of worship in our world. We also plan to tour the underground Rabbinical tunnel, which extends far below the city streets to the very base of the same Western Wall.


The Roman aqueduct system at Caesarea Maritime is remarkable, along with the amphitheater and Hippodrome. You will have a special tour notebook to help keep track of your personal experiences, serving as a scrapbook of memories!

The Dead Sea is breath-taking, located at the lowest point (below sea level) on earth. It's the perfect place to recharge our batteries (literally and also figuratively) and enjoy the resort atmosphere offered here. Nearby sites that we plan to visit included Masada by cable-car and Qumran, the archeological site of the discovered Dead Sea Scrolls. You don't need a boat to enjoy this body of water - just lean back and float, float, float!

At the Garden Tomb, we will celebrate Communion together, considering what it must have been like to visit the empty tomb on that first Easter morning. The site considered as Golgotha also looms in the background, making this a powerful highlight of our final day, thinking upon Jesus' time on earth and all He did to come and rescue us!

"Pray for the peace of Jerusalem: May they prosper who love you."  Psalm 122:6