Missions & Outreach

Missions & Outreach Efforts

The purpose of Desert Springs Church’s missions & outreach efforts is “to continue the teaching and healing ministry of Jesus Christ.” Whether close to home or abroad (on a short-term trip or a long-term appointment) exciting missions & outreach opportunities await. We invite you to engage in this missional outreach with us as we faithfully serve our local and global communities. Desert Springs offers vital hands-on help, financial support, and most importantly spiritual support. Please join us! Let’s reach out and touch lives by building relationships in the church, in our community and in the world.

“Whoever brings blessing will be enriched, and one who waters will himself be watered.”
Proverbs 11:25

Global Ministries

Missions & outreach in Nepal and South Asia

Junior and Chirley Souza
Nepal, South Asia

The Asian social structures remain dominated by Hinduism in this region. Our prayers for these faithful missionaries and their children are vital in helping them to share the love of Jesus. Their work with refugees, street kids and jail ministry is providing HOPE to the lost.

Missions & Outreach in Guinea-Bissau, West Africa

Local Pastors & Christian Radio Guinea-Bissau, West Africa

The spiritual and political battles in this country are fierce; lack of education, medical attention and funds are crippling. We also support several local indigenous ministers: Pastor Fona, Pastor Marius, and Pastor Vaz and the local Christian radio station (BYNAS).

Desert Springs Church supports Open Arms Childcare Ministry in Baja, Mexico

Open Arms Childcare Ministry Camalu & La Mision, Baja, MX

Since 2005, this ministry helps keep families together and to prevent childhood abandonment by providing regular meals, education, and the good news of Jesus with daily Bible lessons and Sunday worship services. Desert Springs is an active “onsite” partner with VBS programs and construction projects.

Haiti Medical Mission, Caneille, Haiti - Missions & Outreach

Haiti Medical Mission
Caneille, Haiti

Our goal is to show the people of Caneille the love of Jesus by providing free medical care they desperately need and to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ! The team is made up of people, medical and non-medical, from all over the country who have a heart to share God’s love with the Haitian people.

Action International - Hussey Family, 2023 - Missions & Outreach

Action International
Adam & Alei Hussey

Desert Springs supports the Hussey family serving with Action International, training, equipping and empowering new missionaries for future service to go and share the gospel of Jesus Christ throughout the world.

Global Missions & Outreach

Global Media Outreach (GMO) Online Missionary

Join us on this global opportunity to become an Online Missionary! GMO is a new an exciting way to share Jesus. People all around the world, who are searching online to know more about God, can now connect to websites which lead them to make contact directly with a GMO online missionary!

Missions & Outreach in Tacloban, The Philippines

Michael & Evangeline Byrnes St. Clair - Tacloban, Philippines

We pray for Michael & Evangeline and their heart for the people of Tacloban. They serve faithfully with UTAP, discipling new believers, feeding the hungry, providing for the poor and sharing Christ’s love through tangible and extremely important humanitarian aid.

Shiloh Military Ministries - Ciera Donahue

Shiloh Military Ministries
Ciera Donahue

Ciera’s ministry is fully committed to sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ with those in the military community. She works tirelessly reaching out and impacting our military adults, students and children through: Home Bible Studies, Coffee House Ministry, Hospitality Houses and One-on-One Discipleship.

Community Outreach Partners

Protecting the Unborn - Birth Choice of the Desert & The Refuge Pregnancy Center

Birth Choice of the Desert &
The Refuge Pregnancy Center

We are honored to support both of these vital pregnancy centers who are committed to God and the Sanctity of Life. Their desire is to help women know they are not alone by sharing options through their faith-based education, counseling, mentoring, parenting classes, free testing and medical support.

Young Life Coachella Valley

Young Life Desert Cities Coachella Valley, CA

The Young Life Desert Cities ministry in the Coachella Valley operates in middle and high schools from Coachella to Cathedral City. A portion of the funds raised goes to scholarships to help students afford a weeklong camp during the summer where they bond with one another while experiencing what it means to know God.

Good News Club Child Evangelism Fellowship community outreach

Child Evangelism Fellowship
The Good News Club

Our Desert Springs Team partners with Child Evangelism Fellowship’s The Good News Club at elementary schools sharing fast-paced, very focused after school one-hour programs designed to bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the children on their level.

Dove's Landing School community outreach

Dove's Landing School
Palm Desert, CA

A private, non-profit, donations-based, K-12th grade “Abraham Linclon-style” school. Children advance academically, emotionally and socially with this small school concept of older children coming alongside younger ones, develops leaders and inspires children to try their very best.

Narrow Door Food Ministry

Narrow Door Ministry
Indio, CA

Narrow Door is a faith-based, non-profit organization, that serves the entire Coachella Valley feeding the homeless, providing clothing, and giving emergency assistance to those less fortunate. We are proud to serve with them and support this essential desert ministry.

community outreach

Coachella Valley Rescue Mission 47470 Van Buren St, Indio, CA

CVRM is a place of refuge, providing for the emergency needs of the impoverished and destitute in the Coachella Valley through shelter and food services, rehabilitation programs, counseling, education, job skills and transitional living. We both support and serve alongside CVRM.

Desert Cities Jail Ministry

Desert Cities Jail Ministry Riverside County Jail, Indio CA

Desert Cities Jail Ministry is unique in that many of the inmates coming into Indio are on their way someplace else (court appearances, awaiting transfer to other facilities, etc.). When an inmate receives Christ, they, in turn, can share the Good News with others in which ever facility they end up.

EveryTeen CV Ministries
Palm Desert, CA

Desert Springs Church proudly supports EveryTeen CV. This ministry is a collective of local Churches and Youth Pastors working together to build Kingdom unity in the Coachella Valley with the vision of every teen in the Coachella Valley hearing the Gospel from a friend.

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