Meet Our Team

Desert Springs is a Bible-believing, non-denominational, Christian church located in Palm Desert, CA and we invite you to meet our team. 

Ministry Team

Meet our team of dedicated leaders and staff who are guiding Desert Springs Church and are committed to serving our community of believers while spreading the Gospel throughout the Coachella Valley. Our team is guided and supported by a valued team of Church Elders and Board of Directors.

Mark Cedar, Lead Pastor, Desert Springs Church
Mark Cedar - Lead Pastor

Mark Cedar has served at Desert Springs on the pastoral team since 2003, becoming lead pastor in 2006. He is a fourth generation pastor, having completed his BA in Speech Communication at Cal State University Los Angeles and his MA in Evangelism at Wheaton College, with added theological coursework at Phoenix Seminary.

Jim Zeilenga, Pastor to Seniors & Groups - Desert Springs Church
Jim Zeilenga
Pastor to Seniors & Groups
Abie Perkins, Director of Worship - Desert Springs Church
Abie Perkins
Director of Worship
Collin Kerrigan, Pastor to Youth & Young Adults - Desert Springs Church
Collin Kerrigan
Pastor to Youth & Young Adults
Lorraine Hart, Pastor of Kids & Families - Desert Springs Church
Lorraine Hart
Pastor of Kids & Families
Terri Griffin, Worship Choir Conductor - Desert Springs Church
Terri Griffin
Worship Choir Conductor
Michael Gagliardi, Contemporary Worship (Refresh) Leader - Desert Springs Church
Michael Gagliardi
Contemporary Worship Leader
Pam Luerken, Director of Women's Ministries - Desert Springs Church
Pam Luerken
Director of Women's Ministry
Al Hurt, Director of Men's Ministries - Desert Springs Church
Al Hurt
Director of Men's Ministry
Ted Walker, Director of Audio Visual Ministries - Desert Springs Church
Ted Walker
Director of Audio Visual Ministries
Sharon Wren, Office Manager & Asst. to Lead Pastor - Desert Springs Church
Sharon Wren
Office Manager & Lead Pastor Asst.
Cindy Hassett
Admin Asst. & Early
Childhood Supervisor
Laura Keener
Frontline Director & Reception
Sherri Gagliardi
Director of Family Room

Meet Our Team of Elders & Board of Directors

Church Elders:  Mark Cedar, Pete Donovan, Hal Graham, Mike McAuliffe, Jim Prock, Jerry Wheeler

Board of Directors: David Buehn, Mark Cedar, Hal Graham, Steve Jaros, Ron Marinella, Al Taylor

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